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Everyone collects something. We started when we were young. This is where I would like to apologize to my parents for part of their income going towards my plethora of collections. Sorry for needing those bean-filled little stuffies, for needing my vast collection of Disney snow globes, and for needing those Archie comics. Oh, and for collecting musical instruments/lessons. I suppose I didn't really need to play the violin, the flute, the piano, and the guitar. What can I say? I was an ambitious, youngster.

Growing up, I've moved onto more mature collections. Well, in my opinion, shoes are a mature choice when it comes to accumulating things. When you're vertically challenged, as I am, pumps and wedges are the go-to shoe. How else are you going to read over people's heads to get a glimpse at the Starbucks menu? So, really, it's not like I didn't need these miracle shoes. They are practical.

Here are some of my favorites out of my pride and joy.

Don't get me started on my Vans, TOMS, or flats.

So, what do you collect?

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