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Lately, I have been getting into interior decorating. I think a home is not a home, unless it represents you. I've loaded up on Better Homes and Gardens and can't resist walking into decor stores just to peek around. I literally feel like I am turning into Charlotte from SATC. I never ever feel that my residence is ever complete. I am always moving furniture around, painting new pictures for the walls. switching pillowcases on throws.

I can not wait until I move (if it all works out) to California, so I can get a fresh start in a new place.  Flipping through the recent Pottery Barn Catalog really got me lusting for their products, and a bigger income to support them. The soft colors, dark wood, touch of greenery, and decorative clutter is the place I want to get cozy in...at the moment. Oh, and I will take those bay windows too.

I adore this mantle with earthy candles elements.

The step ladder as a side table is a perfect touch.

You'll never lose track of time here.

Plants on display.

This would make the perfect arts and craft hideaway.

Those draping plants are gorgeous.

THE perfect frame wall.

Must have those numbered baskets and coat rack.

How can you not love the milk bottle chandelier?

Partial curtains don't cover up those gorgeous windows.

Love the green.

That rustic wall needs to be in my house.


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