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v-day, friend or foe?

Happy Valentine's Day, all you sweethearts out there. I hope you and your honey do something special, whether it's a fancy din-din or a night in watching the tube with popcorn in hand. 

And don't be too down if you don't have a cuddle buddy. It's all in how you look at things. Take Trevor Mcwanda for example. He saw this mushy holiday a little differently, hence the creation of Single Awareness Day. Whether you're celebrating the lack of monogamy in your life (ahem, boys who can't commit), or belting out "Love Stinks" while nomming on a cupcake...or three, at least you have some sort of holiday you can partake in.

I, for one, have embraced the corniness of the 14th. I have a date...with myself. Oh, and my little pup, Charlie. I made my own valentine card and I can very well go buy a box of chocolates from the store (although, that may not be the best idea with swimsuit season just around the corner). I think I will stick with Molly Ringwald flicks, a bowl of popcorn accompanied by a glass of wine, and a snuggly pup. Really, what else does a girl need?

Even if Cupid hasn't worked his magic just yet, it's important to remember you've got to love yourself before you can love others.

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