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viva la dolce vita

I have fallen in love. The object of my affection is my new pair of Dolce Vita wedges that came to my door yesterday afternoon. That UPS man had never seen a girl more thrilled. After letting out a squeal, I quickly snatched the box from his hands. After he left with a confused shake of his head, I threw on the red, wondrous shoes and refused to take them off. I dusted my apartment in them, made lunch, and even debated about going on the elliptical with them. I reluctantly traded them in for sneakers instead, solely for the safety of my ankles.

I also have a new adoration for NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday. It is the perfect pinkest of pinks. I had an excuse to wear both to a delicious dinner with my girlfriends.
Skirt and tank: Free People
Blazer: Kimchi Blue
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Hair bow: American Apparel
Necklace: Enspire
Ring: Gifted from my wonderful mother
Lipstick: NARS Roman Holiday


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