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what i'm lovin' wednesday

I fall in love with things every day. So what better way to share my newfound wonders, then to have a weekly post. Feel free to share your little wonders too. Doesn't matter what it is; a song, a pair of shoes, a new work out at the gym, an artist, a guy (if you're brave enough), a restaurant. Endless possibilities to add a little love to your life.
So here goes, the three things making me grin this week are:

1. Portugal. The Man.
Been a fan of this band for quite some time, but it's always nice when a sadly cast aside band pops up on my iTunes shuffle. I quite enjoy the track, "People Say." Listen in, people.

2. Being there for a friend
Nothing feels better than gladly accepting a couple calls a day from a friend who is a little down. No, it doesn't feel good that someone else feels bad, but it's got to make you feel like you've been doing something right when they come to you for advice or a cheer up. Just lending an ear or a big bear hug does wonders for them, and you.

3. Launching this site, of course.
Shine or set has been an idea floating in my noggin for quite some time, but what's behind it has been residing in my heart. It feels amazing to put it together and share it with you fine people. Nothings better to me then doing what I love to do and spreading some positive vibes.


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