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I have found a new artist to pull inspiration from. I sometimes find it difficult to paint up something that doesn't contain words or quotes that hold special meaning to me. I have tried vying away from this, and finding meaning in images other than words, but I find it difficult. Luckily, I stumbled upon Lisa Solberg and scrolling through her work is giving me the necessary push out my box.

Her work is abstract, using different artistic elements to create colorful pieces. She doesn't over think when she paints, which is a feat I can't seem to grasp. While she pulls inspiration from all over, travels, sketches, magazine clippings, fashion, she doesn't plan her paintings out. I find this so intriguing, especially since her work is so amazing. Each piece is so unique.

Watching this video made me want to hole up in a studio, soak up her energy and rawness, and paint away.

Here are some pieces of hers that I love...


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