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birds of a feather

These days, I'm really digging anything with feathers. Perhaps it's because I imagine them fluttering on the wings of birds, or peacefully floating in the wind. They are the ultimate picture of freedom, and I like my freedom. I've begun incorporating them in the everyday, whether printed on shirts, dangling on earrings, or crammed in my purse on my dream catcher key chain. Yes, I am aware that the latter is not the most practical place, but I figure it catches my bad thoughts throughout the day.
These are one of my favorite pairs of feathery baubles.
Urban Outfitters.
I've been on the lookout for a feather bracelet. I have found a few favorites on Etsy that I am in dire need of. However, seeing all of other people's creations is inspiring me to make my own. I sense a DIY project in the near future...

Curved Brass Feather Bracelet
by collageParty

The Turquoise and Feather
by cweenig
Modern Friendship in Taupe
by ayofemijewelry
Chevron Feather Bracelet
by PoisonAppleNYC
Turquoise and Feather Charm Suede Wrap Bracelet
by LaurenLuvS

Until I find/make the perfect, little ornament for my wrist to symbolize the joys of not being tied down, I suppose I could just hum Lynyrd Skynyrd.


  1. Did you see the FW11 Ann Demuelemeester collection?? Its was covered in Feathers. I mean Ann D is always doing something about bird or horses but this season was REALLY noticeably covered in feathers!

  2. Yes! Instant fan, even though I could never pull the pieces off.


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