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cheers to the weekend

As you know from my lukie bear post, I was highly anticipating this weekend, and it turned out to be an amazing one. I spent a lot of time with my amazing friends, and even more time with my family. I spent all of Saturday up in Cave Creek at my mom's. While the drive is long, rolling the windows down and singing along to some tunes makes it go by in a jiff. The scenery makes it even better.
My little nephew was awaiting my arrival and I had tons of hugs and kisses to give him. We laid outside on the grass and played with his Tickle-Me-Elmo. It was a perfect sunny day. Baby Luke even wore his little red stunner shades.
After we got a little bit of a tan, we relaxed inside and Luke even helped me write up some posts. He is a very clever boy.
The next day, I journeyed back up to my mom's for her famous pozole. It's quite a process to make, but it's well worth it. The kitchen was full of delicious smells from the chili. My nana, aunt, and cousin joined us. It's been a family tradition to gather around for the yummy meal.
It was absolutely delicious, and very spicy. All of our noses were running by the end of lunch. Thanks mama, for slaving away all day to make us our favorite treat.

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