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I am the ultimate "dress girl." My friends know this all too well and are always surprised if I'm out in a pair of skinny jeans. I just like the girly feeling I get when I slip one on, and they are comfortable. Who wants to wear a stiff pair of jeans all night?

Lately I've run out of places to shop for dresses. I have my go-to stores, but I've been in dire need of a new designer. Luckily, yesterday when I was relentlessly searching the web for a birthday dress, as shared in my bday dress post, I stumbled upon my new favorite designer, Motel. The line has oodles of amazing dresses. I actually have one sitting in my closet that I bought from Urban Outfitters. I fell in love with it when I found it, but lately haven't seen much from the line in their stores. Now I don't have to scour the racks, I can simply (and dangerously) order online.

Motel is out of the UK, but they do ship here, for free. Yay! Known for figure-fitting dresses, and amazing cut-outs, British songbirds like Lily Allen and Peaches are fans. You are sure to have the most noticeable dress in the room. I have to say I'm so glad Britain is invading our country.

Here is some eye candy for other "dress girls" out there...


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