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Courtesy of Curbly.
I am a bookworm. I love everything from Palahniuk to Plath. My nightstand currently holds four books, due to my reading ADD. I read a little from each book every day. Sometimes it gets a little confusing keeping track of which story is which, but somehow it all successfully jumbles together.

My sister knows the nerd in me all to well. She found the perfect thing for me on Curbly. A bookmark house! It is seriously the most adorable idea anyone could conjure up in their head.
JOANN Fabric and Craft Store

I don't like folding the corners of my pages. I am convinced it hurts them. Ouch! Yes, I just personified my pages, and my bookmarks have a life of their own too. So a bookmark house would be my best friend.

I am not exactly a carpenter, so making one of these wooden wonders as Curbly suggests would probably do me more harm than good. Splinters don't feel so great. Instead, I think I will opt for buying a wooden birdhouse from my local craft store. Add a little craft paint and maybe a little fluttering friend to perch on it. I will be sure to post pictures after it's complete.

Now, I have to figure out what to do with my other three books that need page savers. My nightstand can't exactly hold a miniature city...

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