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what to wear?

I was finally out on a real date last night. It's been a really long time since I've ventured on one of those, so I was shaking in my boots. They were actually camel, lace-up wedges, but you get the point. I will keep the details to myself because I'm not one to date and tell. However, I will say that it went really well. Finally, a disaster-free date.

Sometimes you get lucky with an easygoing date, but finding something to wear is not so easy. After doing the necessary date prep of laying by the pool, painting my nails, and blow drying my hair, it was time to face the biggest challenge. My closet. I had absolutely no idea what to wear. It's hard finding a balance between too dressy and homeless-looking.

Knowing we were going to dinner, I figured wearing wedges would be okay, especially since the guy is about a foot taller than I am. Eeps! Thanks to the likes of Cosmopolitan and Glamour, these magazines take polls on what's date appropriate. I was on the right track with my shoe choice. Skinny jeans and a nice top would be a safe bet, but so would a simple dress. Figuring I should live up a first date, I chose to step it up a little and settled on a black, American Apparel dress, wedges by Cooperative, and matching Tory Burch clutch.

No, I did not pose like that through dinner.

Maybe next time (crossing fingers there is a next time) it won't be such a closet conundrum finding the right outfit. I'm guessing if there is good conversation and a lot of laughs, then what I'm wearing isn't all that important.

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