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I am seeing loads of fun ideas for jazzing up my nails for Spring. One of my best friends just adorned hers with rhinestones, and I am seeing tons of bright colors and unique looks everywhere. So much inspiration, and so little time! Instead of stopping every girl on the street to ask, "How did you do that?" Seventeen.com makes it a little easier by providing plenty of DIY painting techniques. I know, I know. I'm not in high school anymore, but these are all so fun. How can I resist? Here are some of the ones I have to try.

I love the Ombré look on my hair, so why wouldn't I love it on my fingertips?
Courtesy of Seventeen.com

Start with shaped and buffed nails. Clean nails thoroughly with acetone polish remover. Do not use a base coat, as the blending for the ombré look will not work as well over a base coat. Work with one nail at a time so polish is wet enough to blend. Starting at the cuticle area, apply a blue polish in a thick layer, using a dabbing technique, about 1/3 of the way up the nail. Using a lighter, metallic-blue shade, immediately polish, starting where darker blue ends, and "drag" the end of the darker blue polish up the nail to the end with the lighter blue to create an ombré "fade" (so the colors look like they fade into each other). Continue this application with all nails. Seal nails with a quick dry-top coat.

Finally, horizontal stripes are flattering.
Courtesy of Seventeen.com
How-To: Pour out a quarter of a bottle of clear polish onto a small paper plate. Mix in four to five drops of lavender polish, stirring it in with the lavender brush. Apply one coat of the mixture to every nail — the color should be super-sheer. To create the next slightly darker shade, paint a second coat starting 1/3 the way up each nail. Then paint a final coat from 2/3 the way up your nails to complete the ombré effect. Finish with a clear, sparkly topcoat for extra oomph.

Every gal should own some pearls, and if you don't then at least you can put them on your nails.
Courtesy of Seventeen.com

How-To: After applying two coats of a light pink polish, dip a toothpick in nail glue (while nails are still wet), using it to pick up one pearl at a time. Place the pearls in short rows at the base of each nail. Finish off with a layer of clear topcoat to lock them in place.

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