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This afternoon we ventured to the Getty Center to take a peek at the gardens, admire some art, and absorb some history. Little Luke was super excited for exploring his first museum and learning some new things. He barely napped in his stroller because he was too interested in his surroundings. Why wouldn't he be? The grounds and the exhibits were amazing.

The Paris: Life and Luxury exhibit was my favorite. It had ginormous tapestries, detailed paintings, dresses, and intricate furniture. There was a bed I had to have. If only I had twelve-foot ceilings.

After checking out a few more exhibits, we sat down at the cafe with some tasty sandwiches and some warm soup. It was a little chilly out, so it was nice to have warmth in our tummies. After our little lunch, we strolled the outside and admired the gardens and the views of the city.


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