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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Midnight showings
It's been a reaaaally long time since I went to a midnight showing of a movie. I think it was when Sex and the City came out. Boy, that has been a few years! So, I'm really excited to stay up to see The Hangover 2 tonight. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the first one, and I'm eager to see how they spend their time in Bangkok. I'm sure my experience there was pretty different.

2. Walking the pups
My dear friend, Stephanie and I have recently started going on nightly walks with our crazy pups. The weather is amazing in the evenings and Tempe Town Lake is full of people getting their fitness on. It's nice to chit-chat and get in a little exercise, while our little ones explore.

3. Reunions
Nashville is a long way from Arizona, which makes having a friend living there hard, but makes their homecoming extra special. The group was reunited this weekend with our little TN resident, Larissa. It was fun to catch up, eat dinners, and hit up our old stompin' grounds.


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