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diy: painted votives

I love candles. The way they look, the way they smell, and the way their little flames make any room a bit more cozy. When I stumbled upon these pretty, pastel votives on Once Wed I had to have them, but was even more excited to find that I can make them. For the record, I am not planning a trip down the aisle any time soon. Heck, I don't even have a date lined up for this week. I just like their decor ideas.

They're so simple to make, but look absolutely beautiful when lit. Just head to your local Target or Walmart for some clear, glass votives. Break out some water colors and dribble some watery paint inside the votives. Don't try too hard. It's a simple, creative process. If you try too hard for perfection, the paint will probably turn that icky brown color from messing with it too much. I highly suggest taking the website's advice and sipping on a glass of wine to loosen you up. Have fun with it!


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