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fit in on the fourth

Tomorrow we celebrate our country's independence! This day typically consists of barbecues, fireworks, and friends. Sounds like a great day to me, especially for it being a Monday. I know I will be wearing red, white, and blue, while kicking back with my friends. Wearing these colors is kind of like wearing green on St. Patty's Day. So dig through your closet, or make a quick trip to the mall so you can show how proud you are to be an American! Here are some flag-friendly items that I love...

1. Stripe Butterfly Top by Olivia Moon
2. Wayfarer by Ray-Ban
3. Navy and Gold Chain Bracelet by H&M
4. All Star Specialty Hi-Top Flag Plimsolls by Converse
5. Lollipop by Essie
6. Cinch Rope Tote by American Apparel
7. Corduroy Cutoff Shorts by Free People
8. Shooting Star Ring by CCSkye

Whatever you end up doing, have fun and be safe. Soak up every minute with the people you love and enjoy those pretty sparklers.

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