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Little paper trinkets and simple words really make this gal smile. I think it's the simplicity of a piece of paper that can really turn someone's day around, whether it's an invitation or a note, that make it special. I found and fell hard for INK + WIT, an illustrative paper goods company. Its designer, Tara Hogan, creates these simple designs that only bring out the positive, the warm fuzzies, the grin on a face.

With a plethora of notecards, prints, invitations, recipe cards, gift wrap, and stamp sets to choose from, you're sure to brighten someone's day. Heck, why not brighten your own? Get to shopping (and brightening) here.

Giraffes? You know I'm obviously an instant fan of these invites.
These notecards are too precious to pass up.
Paris and pups. What else do you need in a stamp set?
Why not make the wrapping just as special as what's inside?

A perfect notecard for the parents.

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