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wakin' up in vegas

The four best friends that anyone could have are home safely from Vegas. Let's re-cap...

We were incredibly antsy on the drive there, but playing some good tunes and scarfing down some In-N-Out Burger helped. Wearing our high heels into the fast food joint in Kingman earned us our fair share of strange looks. We found it appropriate to wear them for a road trip to Vegas.
We arrived at Planet Hollywood to find we got the Batman Forever room. Good movie choice. Much better than the last time I stayed there and had the Alien room. It wasn't comforting going to bed with a picture of it peering down at me.We didn't stay in the room long. Instead, we made some cocktails, headed to the casino, and tried our hands at penny slots, Roulette, and Blackjack. Stephanie had quite a bit of luck! 
We headed to Gallery Nightclub that night, where we made friends with an Aussie doorman (and former Thunder from Down Under performer. Heehee!). He took a liking to us and gave us a table with bottle service for free. Score! We danced the night away.
The next day we headed to MGM Grand for the Wet Republic pool party. We swam around, drank some cocktails, and made friends with a group of Brits. They were celebrating a Bachelor party and invited us to their cabana. Finally, some shade! We were getting a bit toasty in the sun.For dinner, my mom surprised us with a pre-paid dinner at the yummy Mexican restaurant, Yolos. She's a real gem! We enjoyed some delicious enchiladas and flautas. Thanks, mom. From all of us! The rest of the night we spent trying our hand at gambling. I was more so of an observer, until a nice gentleman from the Greenbay Packers taught me a bit about Blackjack.
The day we chowed down at the buffet. We were in a serious food coma, so we took the rest of the day pretty easy. At night we put on our best dresses and headed to Tao Nightclub. We were all super excited because the Kardashians were there celebrating Kim's bachelorette party. Us girls were in awe of how pretty they are in person! It looked like she had a great time and so did we.
Today we sadly packed up our belongings and began the long trek home. Sadly, I missed our exit (oops!), which led us another way home, through Prescott. We enjoyed the scenery at least. In the end, my mistake came in handy because the highway we were supposed to take was full of traffic. I guess things do happen for a reason.

Mind you, this version of the trip is the PG version because really...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. All in all, we gained a lot of inside jokes, stories, and a closer friendship on this trip. I love my friends so very much, along with the memories we created.

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