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I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a getaway to Mexico. It's the perfect time to get out of town, away from the stresses of working, looking for more work, and the responsibilities that weigh heavy on my poor little brain. It's life. It tires me, but I'm appreciative for every second of it. Once in a great while a gal just needs an escape.

I chose to escape to Mexico. It's there where my dad, Chloe (my Beagle), the beach, and delicious food waits for me. I'm only taking a carry-on because I want to pack light. I want simplicity all the way, but there are a few essentials for a beach vacay. Here are mine...

Camera. The beach provides tons of snapshots...drawing in the sand, sand castles, Chloe runnin' around, the waves, etc.

Book. Nothing beats breathing in the ocean air, listening to seagulls, digging my toes in the sand, and reading a good book. I will probably bring two, Valley of the Dolls and Manifesting Change. Hey, I read a wide assortment!

Bikini. You can't go on a beach vacation without a bikini. Helloooo, tan.

Sunglasses. My Ray-Bans will be accompanying me outdoors. They're cute, comfy, and protect my eyes. They also let me look at handsome fellas without getting caught.

iPod. I can't live without music. I need tunes. This will come in handy on the plane and on the beach. I need to make some playlists...

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