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I grew up a tom boy. I watched Ninja Turtles and played with Lincoln Logs. I skateboarded, climbed trees,   dug in the dirt. I have more scars than most chickies I know. I liked boys better than girls. They were nicer, unlike the prisses in kindergarten who wouldn't let me in their club because I refused to wear dresses. Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls were where it was at. I was so perturbed on how those girls didn't know that.

I surrounded myself with the little guys and tried to be as tough as them, if not tougher. As I grew older, I noticed that I still strayed away from girls. Guys were drama-free, they belched, and played sports. How is that not fun? Then I hit a certain age where I started to not want to do certain things in front of them, such as eat a sloppy joe, burp, wear my overalls. I was turning into a girl, and I had to find some girlfriends. So, I did.

It was hard to adjust at first. I wanted to play N64, while they were playing with makeup. Then I got into the swing of things and realized girls weren't so bad. Throughout the years, a few have come and gone, whether we lost touch or had a messy fight. There are a few that have stuck around as acquaintances and a few that are practically sisters. I know that I am incredibly lucky to have found these ladies. Whether they live near or far, they make my life that much sweeter.

I'm so glad I became a girly-girl and found my same-gender pals, although I still have boyish tendencies. At least I found girls I can eat sloppy joes with and burp with, and would also refuse to let me wear overalls at the age of 23. Thanks, ladies. Cheers to you.


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