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me-hee-co pt. three

Today dad and I took the boat out to Martini Cove for some snorkeling. Chloe came along too! She loves boat rides. We saw lots of pretty fishies and fed them some bread. I always look over my shoulder for sharks. I have a paranoia and it is all my dad´s fault! He exposed me to Jaws when I was way too young. 

After snorkeling we snacked on some cheese, crackers, and dragon fruit. We first had it in Thailand a couple years ago, and it became one of my favorite fruits. I was so excited to see my dad packed it in the cooler. After snacking we rode out to where the caves are. I really want to kayak through them. 

We got some sun by the pool at one of the hotels. Maybe a little too much sun. My shoulders are toasty! It will make for a nice tan though. We sipped on some margaritas and Chloe floated around. I swear, she is so spoiled. I suppose I am too. Hee hee.

I took a nice catnap back at the house. I needed some rest before the neighbor´s shindig. There were so many nice, genuine people to chat with. I got to brush up on my Spanish skills. There was also tons of delicious steak, shrimp, and fish. I am so full right now.

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