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me-hee-co pt. two

I apologize ahead of time for the amount of food that will be featured on the blog during this vacay. I am soaking it all in, since diet and exercise will be taking over my life upon my return. Hopefully the pictures won´t get your tummies grumbling too much.

It felt wonderful to sleep in, with Chloe snuggling right by my side. Even better, dad brought me breakfast in bed while I caught up on some blogging. He made blueberry pancakes, chorizo-filled perogies, and bacon. My belly was happy, and the view outside didn´t hurt either. I admit that I was a bit spoiled this morning.

In the afternoon we headed down to the beach to go kayaking. Chloe came along for the ride too! She loves feeling the sea breeze and the splashes of water. I tried paddling for a little bit, but my arm muscles are definitely lacking, so dad did most of the work. We docked on a little cove and put on our snorkeling gear. It was time to feed the fishies! They love rice and all swarm around to get a nibble. Normally I am quite terrified of the slimy little fish, but I was at ease today. Although, Chloe scared me silly when she swam over my back. I thought it was a shark! After snorkeling, we took a little trek on the pebbly beach, found some driftwood, and cooled off with some delicious Coca Cola.

Around sunset we went for appetizers and wine at the beachside restaurant, Bonifacio´s. We had spinach crepes that were stuffed with shrimp and drizzled with a yummy salsa. We also had cheesy shrimp, served over rice, with a fruity salsa. If only the wine we drank was that good. It was a little difficult to get down, since it tasted pretty darn tart. After our little munchies we walked the beach to admire the colorful sunset.

We ended the evening at our favorite Italian spot, Piccolo´s. We have been going there for years because the food is so yummy. We started out with their sauteed mushrooms and red chili. It is so scrumptious and a must  when dining there. I ordered steak with a creamy dijon mustard sauce and dad ordered spinach-stuffed chicken parmesan. We left with extremely full bellies. We are definitely going to sleep well tonight!


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