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Forget terrible two's! Bring on the terrific two's! This post is my 200th post. Wowzas! Can't believe this little project has come this far. I've enjoyed every minute of writing, editing, photographing. Even better, I've enjoyed YOU, the readers. I'm excited to delve into the 200's and hope to make each post better and better.

In a way to celebrate, I figured posting about things that come in two's would be appropriate. So here goes. Some of my favorite pairings...

SHOES. Surprise, surprise. I'm smitten with this pairing. Slipping on shoes really just brings a smile to my face and a wiggle to my toes. Whether it's a comfy pair of TOMS, colorful wedges, or a pair of stilettos that make me stand a bit taller, I just love having two feet because it means two shoes.

KETCHUP & MUSTARD. Why? Because they go so well with my favorite food group...hot dogs. Did I ever tell you about the time my friend bought me hot dogs, instead of a cake for my birthday? I ate all eight of them in a two-hour time span. Obsessed.

BEST FRIENDS. There is nothing more valuable in this world than a best friend. They're the one you can confide anything in, act like a total goof with, cry to over the littlest things, trust, shop with, be miles apart from and still have an unmistakeable bond, call at 4 in the morning, etc. They're diamonds.

HEADPHONES. These are essential to my life. While I enjoy silence from time to time, I'd rather listen to some tunes. These accompany to the gym, walking the dog, road trips, sitting on planes. I get to hear what I want to hear, although sometimes I sing it out loud and get strange looks. Oops.

CONTACTS. My view to the world. Without them, I would be blind as a bat. I'd miss exits off the freeway, have permanent beer goggles, and walk into tables. An essential pairing.

BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND. I'm a single gal and I enjoy it for the most part, but it is sometimes nice to have a companion that isn't a 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. No offense, Charlie. I like going to the movies, texting, cooking dinners, and kissin'. Have I kissed enough frogs yet? Sheesh.

CHOPSTICKS. While they are tricky little suckers to maneuver, they do come in handy. Some people get a little offended when you eat with your hands, so I had to learn how to grab tasty food with these sticks. Now I can enjoy my sushi and Pad Thai without judgmental looks.

What are some of your favorite pairings?

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