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I spent my Sunday evening relaxing and watching something actually music related on MTV. The 2011 Video Music Awards brought together artists from all genres. I mostly watch for the fashion and the performances. I have to say that Adele's "Someone Like You" was absolutely breathtaking. That song breaks my little heart. Also, kudos to MTV for having Young the Giant perform. It's about time they get some mainstream attention!

As for the fashion, there were definitely some wacky outfits. I miss the good ol' days when artists would skip the gimmicks and just wear pretty things. Thankfully, some celebrities still do. There weren't a ton that I was over the moon for, but here are my favorites...

Louise Roe
Demi Lovato
And for the wacky...

Deena Cortese

Katy Perry 
Nicki Minaj
And for the slightly creepy...
Lady? Gaga

[images courtesy of MTV]

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