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There's mischief behind that smile and those baby blues.
My sister, being the creative gal she is, has been itching to start a new project. She has a jewelry line, J Mundo Designs, but now that little Luke is in the picture it's a little difficult to make her pretty baubles. He'd be crawling through, eating, and throwing all her beads and trinkets. It would be one big, adorable mess.

To scratch her creative itch she decided to take a less messy route. This is where West Nest Invitations comes into the picture. It's an online creative outlet that Lukie Bear can't exactly get into, unless he's tech savvy. Being that he's not even one yet, I don't see that as being a problem. Although he could hit a few keys on the keyboard...or lick them.

Back to West Nest...it's the perfect place to pick out invitations for whatever occasion you're planning. My sister has a great eye! With great color combos, fonts, and prints there are tons of amazing invites to choose from. I want to get to planning something right away. Perhaps a fiesta? Or a dinner party? I just can't decide...

To know a little more about West Nest, (in my sister's words), it,
"Offers unique printable invitations and stationery, customized for you! 

Here's how it works... Shop, Customize, Download, Print, Invite, & Celebrate! Also perfect for the last minute get togethers... Just email the invite to your guests!

Looking for something special that you just can't seem to find? Send me a Convo & let's get creative together!"

The invites are so darn cute! Take a look...and while you're at it, go "Like" her Facebook page.

[click on images for sources and ordering info]

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