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I have been itching to have a standing post for Fridays. I enjoy doing the 'sunday sparks' and 'what i'm lovin' wednesdays,' but my weeks have been missing something. My friend, Michelle, came up with the idea of posting things that make me giggle, so that's where 'friday funnies' come in. Check back every Friday, so you can head into your weekend a littler cheerier. Enjoy!

Dusting off those old diaries from when I was in middle school. The pages are doodled with those amazing gel pens that weren't so practical to take Algebra notes with, but I did it anyway because it somehow made numbers and letters a little less boring. It's kind of embarrassing reading page after page of silly drama and every detail of any sort of interaction with a crush. There were some entries that contained the sentences of, "He said 'Hi' to the guy behind me." or "He looked at my shoe." Pretty exciting stuff that only further proves my nerd status in the sixth grade.

I dare you to go back in time and read the pages of your old diaries. I'm sure you'll get a laugh or two out of it. While it's entertaining/slightly mortifying, it also kind of puts things into perspective. I worried about the tiniest things, like what he thought of my shoe when he didn't even know my name. Nowadays, here are bigger things to occupy my thoughts.


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