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I've been spending more and more time at home lately, which has been relaxing and makes my bank account a little happier. It's been nice to just play with Charlie, watch movies, write, and cook. I live in a studio apartment, which has been fun and challenging to decorate one big room. It's coming up on my third year of living in my cozy space, and I still love it. It's definitely home to me.

I love poking around other peoples homes by going through Tumblr and Pinterest photos. It's always fun to see how how others set theirs up. Here are some gems I've found...

Love the loft-style bed and all the light.
That swing is amazing, as well as the high ceilings.
Small, but definitely cozy. The yellow and white colors make the room.

So girly! I love it.
Love that chandelier!
Hope this sparked some creative decorating ideas in you! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. absolutely looove that first room! I live in a loft here in LA and this is the vibe I aspire for. Love that rustic wood table and all the books and nooks on the walls. LOVERLY!

  2. Lucky gal livin' in an LA loft. That first one is my favorite too.


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