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who am i?

I am...a hopeless romantic.
I want...a writing career.
I have...the cutest little pup on the planet. 
I wish...to eventually move somewhere else. Preferably with little coffee shops, lots of live music, hole in-the-walls, trees, and happy people. Suggestions?
I hate...nothing. It's too strong of a word, but I dislike ginger (blech!), wearing skinny jeans with sandals, and dishonesty.
I fear...sharks, heights, and this economy.
I hear...myself play back conversations in my head way too much.
I search...for a fellow that gets me and loves me.
I wonder...if fate is a real thing.
I regret...very few things. I've learned from everything.
I love...my family, and the friends I've made into family.
I ache...after too much champagne.
I always...try to be positive.
I usually...bake cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats for no reason at all. 
I am not...going to be anyone but me.
I dance...with no rhythm, direction, or ounce of sexiness, but it's still fun.
I sing...loudly in the car with an imaginary microphone. It really concerns surrounding traffic.
I never...want to settle.
I sometimes...read old "love" letters, just to giggle at how in "love" I thought I was.
I cry...when it rains, during sappy movies, over puppies that need homes...basically everything.
I am not always...confident.  
I lose...myself in books.
I am confused...by geography, mean people, and internet acronyms.
I need...to be more adventurous.
I should...be job hunting right now.

So, tell me who you are...and make sure you stay that way!

[thank you, running on happiness, for this post idea]


  1. I'm surprised no one comment this yet. Cool, I'm the first. First off my name is Stephanie, email is spserenity85@gmail.com I'm 27yrs old a mom of a four yr old boy and a wife. Secondly I enjoyed learning more bout, I useually go to your Sunday spark section to left up my sprites up when I'm down. I look forward to more of your post.

  2. I am Joy

    I am 20

    I live in London

    I was born in Africa

    I miss the sunshine

    I am jealous of my freedom. One of my worst nightmares is having it taken away, or somehow losing it.

    I am quite a loner, but I love talking to people. I enjoy just introducing myself and learning a little bit about the people around me.

    I learn a lot from this blog. It inspired me to turn inactivity into daily runs and enjoy cooking and eating healthy and delicious food. Thanks Brianna!

    I love the dreams I have for my future. And realizing that achieving them is both harder and easier than I thought. But getting started on it is so important.

    I should be writing an essay that's due in 4 hours! :P

    I am listening to Jose Gonzalez, I love his music.

    I get discouraged easily, and often take ages to recover.

    I, however, have grown much more accepting of my mistakes. I look back on them with a mixture of embarrassment and curiosity now (it used to be just embarrassment).

    I have wonderful friends. Sometimes things are awkward, because I like to please people but it's not possible to do that. Other times, everyone just speaks their mind and becomes completely themself. These conversations really make me appreciate the special people life has put before me.

    I didn't always love my dad. My early childhood memories are bliss, but after a certain age (about 11) all I remember are negative things about him. After years of being unable to look him in the eye and detesting being in the same room as him, I finally appreciate him. He has made a grand effort to be a better dad and as a result our relationship has improved immensely in the last year or so.

    I adore my mom. She holds me up when I'm at my worst and celebrates with me when I am at my best. It took me 18 years to figure out how wonderful she is. she inspires me a lot.

    I have 2 younger sisters.

    I had a life changing experience when I read the "self-knowledge" chapter of Khalil Gibran's The Prophet.

    I am a virgo.

    I enjoy imagining how space and the universe look and find a lot of inspiration and happiness looking at space pictures.

    I have never said this to anyone (for fear of being ridiculed. Many people I know would find it absurd) but I consider my self 3 parts African, 1 part British, and 1 part all the places I've traveled to. You know those lovely scenes that stick with you? Like coming over a hill and seeing the most amazing sunset in Cape Town, or waking up in the middle of a flight to Egypt to see a full moon shining over the Sahara Desert. The things that stick when the details of a journey you made are forgotten.

    I suffer from a lot of anxiety when considering my financial future.

    I need to go now. Thanks for allowing me some time to reflect in an otherwise hectic day.

  3. Sounds like you would like Austin TX.

  4. If you want somewhere with little coffee shops, lots of live music, hole in-the-walls, trees, and happy people, I would suggest Portland Oregon. I'm from there and it's just like that. Beautiful place to live. Wonderful weather and awesome people everywhere. And of course, beautiful scenery.


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