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mama's birthday

How amazingly pretty is she?

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother. 

You've taught me an incredible amount about life and love. You are an amazing woman who I look up to immensely. Your beauty, strength, and wisdom make me proud to call you my mom. You've always been so incredibly giving and your thoughtfulness is of that I've never seen before.

Your silliness makes me giggle. Your cooking makes my mouth water, especially your Sopita. Your purse and shoe collection is drool-worthy.. I am still waiting for you to pass that vintage Gucci bag onto me. Hint, hint. You are a master at yoga. I wish I had your balance!

You are a combination of so many fabulous things. Things I hope are ingrained in me. Thank you for being such a huge part of who I am. I wish you nothing but happiness for your birthday. I love you.


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