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moths and butterflies

My mama is always sending me bits of inspiring words, which honestly brighten my day and make me think. Here is one she sent me today...

"One of abundances many corollaries, is that the brighter your light, the more you attract... everything. 

Moths and butterflies. 

At which point you begin learning what to celebrate and what to let fly on by. 

Or who."

The universe is always bringing us different opportunities, things, and people into our lives. It's a learning process that can bring about a lot of pondering and perhaps some pain, but in the end it brings about happiness. The best part about that happiness is that you chose it. You experienced, learned, and ultimately decided what was right for you. 

Over time I've noticed that I've become much more selective in deciding what and who stays. At this point in my life I am celebrating all the decisions that have brought me to this point in life, whether they be huge or miniscule. Whether they be mistakes or feats. Whether they meant holding on or letting go. 

The what's and the who's that I've come to know, love, and keep are so worth celebrating.

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  1. I've been beyond obsessed with butterflies right now - the new beginnings they represent, the way they spread their pretty wings and just the awesome feeling of getting butterflies! Thanks for this quote and post that makes me love them even more!


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