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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. New Girl
I've been giggling away at this show. Zooey Deschanel is the spitting image of how my friends and I act, which is painfully awkward. I suggest you tune in on Tuesday nights, and also check out She & Him.  The duo's tunes have been pleasing my ears for some time now.

2. Baking
I've been having so much fun in the kitchen lately. I have so many do-dads and whatchamacallits to play with and create yummy treats. I can't wait to bake my mom's birthday cake for this weekend's celebration.

3. Pumpkin Porter
 I always get giddy when I see Four Peaks' Pumpkin Porter has returned to the local bars for fall. It's so yummy! I highly suggest you go out and indulge in this delicious drink. It's the perfect accompaniment to this cool weather.
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