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The temperature dropped real low today, the clouds hung gray in the sky, and rain fell lightly. It was a perfect afternoon to put on a warm sweater, play some good tunes, and pop some cookies in the oven. My honey isn't feeling too well and I hear baked goods are the magic cure. The smell of rain mixed with the smell of chocolate chip cookie dough baking is just too good for any nose to pass up.

 It's days like these and how I spend them that remind me to appreciate the little things. It's easy to get wrapped up in silly, material objects. The moments when I take myself out of the pursuit for those material sillies are the ones that mean the most.

In this moment I'm breathing in the cool air, listening to Charlie's leash jingle as she runs around, and pulling out some gooey, melty goodness from the oven. This is happy.


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