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It was love at first read when I came across this post by Stephanie, creator of Blissbombed. As a woman, it's important to remind myself of just how powerful, capable, and free I am. This is my life and I take it on as I please; mind sharp, heart open, guns blazing. 

Who is the Bad Ass Broad?

"She doesn’t tolerate drama, whether it’s her own or another’s. She lives in the real world, so there is always going to be kraziness to contend with. But she recognizes it early and pulls the plug.

She’s self-possessed and commands her space in the room. Her confidence is strong, but quiet. She’s not a loud mouth. She takes a compliment and looks you in the eye when you’re giving it.

She’s an observer more than a talker, acutely aware of her surroundings. She uses the information to her advantage.

She doesn’t talk badly about other people, and while that sounds really angelic, she knows it will be traced right back to her and prizes her hard-earned credibility.

She enjoys a good stiff drink, but never forgets that the sun will rise tomorrow and require her full strength and sobriety.

She’s not threatened by other women. As a matter of fact, she’s the first one to tell a stranger how pretty she looks, or congratulate a friend on her new promotion. She feels energized by other women’s successes.

She is discerning about what comes out of her mouth. She doesn’t blab about family drama, new beaus, possible lay-offs, or her own marriage issues. She has a few confidants, and they’ve earned her trust. She waits things out to see how they will settle before she goes into details with the general public. She knows she will rise above any situation and has no interest in ruining the reputations of others.

A bad ass broad is not afraid of hard work. She rolls up her sleeves and gets to it. She doesn’t bitch about it, and she doesn’t wait for someone else to do it. She doesn’t let herself be distracted, and is very aware that resistance is a cunning enemy. Resistance being: fear, self-doubt, procrastination, addiction, distraction, narcissism, self-loathing, and perfectionism.

A bad ass broad does not get involved with someone else’s man. Period. End of story. She has a memory of how that went down and has learned from her mistakes.

A bad ass broad is not a loud mouth, gossip, or a bitch. She doesn’t throw her weight around, get loud and demanding, or act like she’s better than everyone. She lets her actions speak for themselves, which saves her of a bunch of vapid talking.

The fiercest thing about a bad ass broad is her ability to extricate herself from a situation that isn’t working. Once aware of her mistake, she will snap her wallet closed, snap her knees together, snap her heart out of hypnosis and head out with a swiftness that will suck the very oxygen from your lungs.

A bad ass broad values freedom, and sometimes does things unconventionally to afford her the highest measure of it. She takes big risks because she is willing to be her own rescue if things don’t work out. She has survived numerous personal plot twists, and can take what’s handed to her without blaming others.

A bad ass broad is MADE, not born. She’s a sinner with the heart of a saint. She’s been trespassed against, and she’s done some trespassing of her own. But at some point (at 22, 42, or 62) she drew a line in the sand, stopped the drama, and took back the wheel.

She’s in charge of her life. She can take the heat. She’ll empty the gun if she has to. She handles business."
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