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I've had my nose in a book since I was a little tike. I used to stay up and escape into the worlds of The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and Goosebumps. Turning the pages with my fingertips was entirely exciting, and I never peeped once to see what might come next until I finished the last word on the paper.

I love the smell of library books. I favor hard covers. I won't purchase a Kindle because it takes the charm and comfort out of holding the actual print. I don't understand Chaucer, but I like his literature on my shelves, among the other schoolbooks I accumulated as an English major. I don't read the last book of any series because it saddens me that the stories have to end. I think a book trumps any movie rendition.

My heart has fallen in love with numerous books, but a few have held their place...

What are some of your favorite books?

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