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I've lived in my new place for just about a month now, and I haven't met any of my neighbors. I'm totally fine with it because I am a painfully shy person, but I think it's time to open up a little bit. I may need to borrow sugar one day, or have baked goods to give away, or have an emergency. Unfortunately the times I have seen my neighbors, they've caught me in strange circumstances. I'm beginning to wonder if they stay locked up to avoid the looney bird next door.

The looney bird that was caught talking to herself while locking up her apartment. It was a stressful time for her. There were a million things running through her head, and she wanted to get her thoughts in order. Little did she know her undecipherable thoughts were shared with the guy next door.

The looney bird who spent ten minutes at her mailbox trying to jam every possible key in with no luck of opening the little metal box. There were curse words, the kicking of mailboxes (in slippers, mind you. Ouch!), and trying other people's mailboxes out of desperation. Waiting for Christmas gifts to come in can be stressful! The right key was tucked safely, and unexplainably, away in a drawer.

The looney bird who layers every piece of clothing in the mornings to walk her dog. I'm talking a robe, a bomber jacket, a beanie, two pairs of sweats, and monkey slippers. It's freezing at six in the morning! It's too early and too cold to be concerned with fashion.

I'm hoping this looney bird will make some better impressions over the next month. I'll write my thoughts, rather than speak them. I won't look like I'm trying to steal other people's mail. I could put a little more thought into the morning wardrobe, but it's doubtful. I'll just have to dress fabulous when it's above 40 degrees.
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