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have a harley, jolly christmas

In my 'gifts with heart' post I showed a great DIY idea from the BLDG25 blog. I loved the clever idea of making personal ornaments for the special people in your life. I've been itchin' to get started on them, so today I finally ventured to the craft store. It was fun perusing the aisles for the perfect trinkets to fill my empty bulbs.

I got straight to work when I got home. With a little glitter, imagination, and some thought, I made the perfect ornament for Boyfriend. He loves cruising on his motorcycle, so I figured a Harley Davidson bauble would look great on his Christmas tree.

Here is how to make your own tree trinket...

Open up the plastic bulb.

Glue white cotton balls to the back side of one of the bulbs.

Once glue is dry and cotton balls are secure, add glue to the section you want glittered.

Sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue and shake out the excess once dry.

Hot glue your trinket to the bottom of the other bulb. 

Close up the two halves.

Loop a ribbon or piece of yarn through the opening of the ornament, and tie securely.

Hang on tree!

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