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Thankful for her big heart!
Unfortunately we tend to forget those certain things that make us smile. That send a wave of warmth through us. That make us think, "Wow. I am lucky." They are the things we are thankful for, no matter how big or how small. Maybe it's a yummy peppermint latte, a passing grade, or a pair of shoes on sale. Maybe it's deeper; a conversation, a friendship, or a relationship. Whatever it is, savor it. Let it remind you how good life is.

My friend, Annie (of Story of My Life) believes in the act of being thankful. She created Reasons I am Thankful, a website for anyone to to give a simple thanks through words, pictures, anything. The list is filled with others' treasures, only further reminding us of how happiness really can be simple. If you look at #87 on the list, you might find somethin' familiar..

So, go on! Sip slowly on that peppermint latte. Celebrate your brain power. Strut around in those shoes. Tell those around you that you love them. Let the world know why you are thankful. It's easy.

Submit your thanks here.

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