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Phew! This move was more work than I anticipated. I guess I forgot about setting up internet, satellite, electricity on top of carrying boxes and deciding what to put where. Lucky me, I have good friends that put their muscles to work all weekend. They were serious lifesavers.

Now that all the goodies are crammed in, it's time to make this place a home. The hardest parts are over, which were the kitchen and closet. I dreaded unpacking my shoes and clothes, along with dishes and pans. I am so relieved those rooms are complete. Now it's the fun stuff. I have paintings to hang, picture frames to place, and knick-knacks to fill shelves. I have my handy hammer, screws, and nails. My neighbors are going to be thrilled when they hear the "bang" of the hammer.

Besides the maze of unpacked boxes, Charlie is adjusting well and I am learning to sleep peacefully in a new place. It's a fresh start, which is always exciting. So here is to the next chapter in my life. Well, at least residence-wise.


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