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happy birthday, dad

Happy Birthday to my pops!

We've shared plenty of memories together. When I was little we climbed trees, skateboarded, and warmed up our Mr. Goodbars on the television set. It was our little secret. Now-a-days we order too much sushi, go to two movies in a row at the theater, and travel to new places.

Through all the memories I've learned to not take life too seriously. It's all fleeting and the best thing to do is roll with the punches. You taught me to breathe. You taught me to accept. You taught me strength.

You taught me that you can make a meal out of the strangest ingredients. You showed me how to dip a paintbrush in paint and create. You've given a few dating tips that would have been wise to follow. You made me realize it's okay to laugh at myself. It's actually better that way.

There are so many things you've taught me that a simple "Happy Birthday" doesn't feel like it adds up to enough. Since we can't spend the day together, it's all I have. Enjoy your special day. I love you very much.

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