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happy 1st birthday

Today is a special day. It is Shine or Set's first birthday! Or should I say blogday? Boy, time has flown. A year ago I put my fingertips to keys, ideas on a lit up screen, and laid my heart out for the interweb to see. It took a little bravery, but it's taken me on a fabulous journey. One that's taught me a handful of things: from loving myself to how to bake a delicious cheesecake, and everything in between. I hope you learned a little somethin' too. 
I want to thank each and every one of my readers. You all have made this so worthwhile. Every comment, email, and "follow" makes my insides warm and toasty. I have found an enormous amount of happiness in writing this blog. So with that, I will continue this venture and follow the solid advice of, "Do what makes you happy."


  1. Happy first blogday Brianna!!!! Sending mucho love from the east coast.

    - Julia :)

  2. Happy Blogday Bri...I love your blog and I read it faithfully everyday. It helps me keep up with your family too. I think Luke is a doll. Give him hugs and kisses and the same for you and the rest of your clan.



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