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pillow talk

In my opinion, you can never have too many pillows. What's better than something soft, fluffy, and a place to rest your head? My bed, couch, and chairs are covered in pillows. They're often tossed to the side when company comes over and they have no place to sit, but at least they are nice to look at. Charlie often climbs the mountain of pillows on my bed, circles around for five minutes, until she plops down in the perfect position. She appreciates them.

I especially like pillows that have something to say. Here are a few I like...

And Pillow by Crate & Barrel
Nest Pillow by Pottery Barn
Pattern II Pillow by Anthropologie
Red Letter Pillow by Jonathan Adler

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  1. I'm a sucker for pillows. pillows on the couch. pillows on the bed. pillows on the floor:-) My husband just rolls his eyes! xoxo


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