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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. The Vow
I am one sappy gal. I tear up over anything that has to do with love. Books, movies, random couples on the sidewalk. So with that, I had to see The Vow. I laughed, cried, and ended up thinking a whole bunch about "great" love.

2. Cornish Pasty
The ladies and gents who work here are all wonderful people who crack jokes and hold great conversations, as they serve up delicious plates of food. I like going towards sundown when they light up all the candles and play awesome tunes from Pandora.

3. Relaxing
Sometimes it feels like I go, go, go, and it's begun to take its toll on me. I haven't been under the weather in awhile, but I am loading up on Vitamin C and homework in bed. This just reminds me that some "me" days are A-Okay.
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