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abc's of me

Top and jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Target, Belt: H&M, Watch: Bulova

Here are the little things that make up me.

Age: 23. Just about 24.
Bedsize: Queen.
Chores that you hate: Taking out the trash. The dumpsters far!
Dogs:  Charlie, my nutty Jack Russell of a roomie. Chloe, a chubby Beagle who lives with the pops in Mexico.
Essential start to your day:  A cup of tea and a run. 
Favorite color: Peach. For right now.
Gold or Silver:  Gold, except for my wedding ring. Someday.
Height: 5 feet/2 inches. I'm a little person.
Instruments you play: Piano, flute, guitar.
Job title: Grad student.
Kids: Just my four-legged roomie, Charlie.
Live: Phoenix, Arizona.
Mother's Name: Sandra. I call her "mama."
Nicknames: Bri, Brianimal, Bink, Bean, Britard, Big B.
Overnight hospital stays: Never. No thanks.
Pet peeves: Mean-hearted people. 
Quote from a song:  "She don't ask for no diamond rings, no delicate string of pearls. That's why I wrote this song to sing, my beautiful girl."
Right or Lefty:  Righty.
Siblings: I have an older sister. Check her out here.
Time you wake up:  When I can sleep in, it's usually about 8 or 9.
Underwear: Yes, please.
Vegetable you hate: I love 'em all.
What makes you run late: Playing with Charlie.
X-Rays You've Had: My knee. I wrecked it while dancing. Smooth.
Yummy food you make: Cookies, cakes, cupcakes.
Zoo Animal: Giraffes. I am going to the zoo to feed them very soon.
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