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Life can get a bit hectic. Mine is mostly consumed with work and grad school. Talk about stress! It's easy to get sucked into the pressure of schedules, deadlines, and obligations. Rather than freak out, in those moments I do the things that I love, or I try new things. It calms me down. It takes my thoughts to a better, more positive place. It's those little escapes that make life a little better.

I've been spending a lot of time with my little Charlie. I've been reading more (The Hunger Games. Addicted!). I've been running. I've started dabbling in making jewelry. I've become a real homebody, but it's what makes me happy. And it's what keeps me calm.

I bought a new pillow for my bedroom with the simple message of, "Keep calm and carry on." It's the perfect reminder to take everything one step at a time. To realize life isn't all that bad. To know you'll get through it all. To know it will be worth it. To remain happy.

Oh, and a new blouse doesn't hurt the stress levels either.

Blouse/Skirt/Hat: Forever 21, Shoes: Target, Bralette: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Marc Jacobs

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