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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Redbull
I need energy with my schedule jammed with work, school, and workouts at the gym. For something quick and I can't go to my beloved Dutch Bros., my go-to is Redbull.

2. Salads
I love, love, love veggies. I've been concocting tons of different salads in the kitchen. They make my belly/waistline happy.

3. Vacay
My gal and I will be venturing to Mexico this week. I couldn't be more excited for a get-away. We get to see my pops and spend time on the beach. Perfect.


  1. I drink a sugar free redbull, ohhhh about 3 times a week. my savior!


  2. Hey girlie! Where do u stay in Mexico? I live in San Diego, and don't ever seem to get down there at all! Suggestions???


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