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Everyone makes mistakes. No, I'm not breaking into a Miley Cyrus song. I'm simply stating the obvious. If mistakes weren't made, nothing would be learned or valued. Sometimes we make the mistake. Other times we feel the repercussions of someone else's misstep. Either way, they each come with that feeling of ache and the impossible wish that it had turned out differently.

But it didn't turn out differently. Your heart was crushed. You spent too much money. You got a bad grade on an exam. You were speeding. You betrayed someone. You were rear-ended. You were late for work. There are so many areas we can fall and scrape our knees. There are those that fall around us, and pull us down with them in order to regain their balance.

This is what comes with life. It's unavoidable, and truthfully, life would be a lot less colorful if we didn't take a few wrong turns. You never know when they might be the right turns. Live and learn. In doing so, forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive strangers. Forgive those who hurt you. It doesn't mean you have to forget because there are always lessons, but let go of the bad. Let go of the sadness or the anger, and make room for happiness. You'll be stronger from it.


  1. This is so true. But also, once you forgive, it's easier to move on with your life instead of being stuck in the past.

  2. beautifully written. these thoughts are well-known, but rarely said in such an elegant manner and for that, they may be remembered more often. lovely.

  3. Well said, b! As I grow older, I try to let go of my grudges. I'm someone who loves someone till they were to do me wrong. I would move mountains for that person, but if they hurt me then I can't forget it. Like I said though, i am trying each and everyday to be the best person. Deepak Chopra said that he saw a quote Nelson Mandela made about resentment. It goes like this: "to have resentment towards another is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill the enemy."
    Let's live each and everyday with hope and happiness! xoxo


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