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Thank you, thank you, thank you. To the moon and back. I have never in my life felt so much support from so many wonderful people, friends or strangers. It feels like I got to open an early birthday present (it's on Friday) and I think it's the best one I will receive.

A huuuuge thank you to Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up!. You have been such an inspiration to me and have always been the push I needed to keep going. Thank you for sharing my story, and for introducing me to so many new friends from all over. I am forever thankful.

Two years ago I was an unhappy twenty-something that was stuck. Stuck in a body I wasn't proud of, stuck in an unhealthy relationship, and stuck in a lifestyle I wasn't proud of. For those of you who have followed this blog, you all know this. For those of you just now joining (Thank you, by the way), you can catch up here and here.

Sometimes you hit a wall, and the only way to keep moving forward is by climbing over it or breaking through it. I chose to break through it. I wanted a change. I committed to building a body I was proud of. I said goodbye to the boyfriend who was filled with put-downs. I welcomed a healthier lifestyle that was filled with hobbies, rather than bars.

It's been two years since I began punching and kicking at that wall. It's now in broken pieces at my feet.   It's something I've never been more proud of because I did it. No one else. I chose to do it and I did it. I'm in a body I'm comfortable in. I'm single and loving the relationship I've built with myself. I'm creating the life I want.

All of these accomplishments have made me so happy, but to have such an enormous amount of support after posting one itty bitty "before and after" photo has made this journey even more worth it. I never knew how many beautiful people were out there until today. Your kind words have brought me to tears and have put a huge smile on my face. Imagine what type of face that looks like! Not so cute, let me tell you.

I've had so many emails, comments, messages, and tweets pile in today. It's been a social media whirlwind, but it's one I'm welcoming with open arms. Keep them coming.

My contact info is here.

Here are a few tips:
  • Run, run, run. It's made a huge difference in my life and in my body.
  • Look at nutritional labels. It's tedious, but you get used to it. After practice, you get a knack for knowing what your putting in your mouth. It's pretty cool.
  • Follow Tone It Up! These girls have provided me with so much motivation, and so many recipes and workouts.
  • If you need motivation, create a board on Pinterest. I look at mine whenever I need a push to get my booty to the gym.
  • Cook. I love being in the kitchen! It's fun and I know exactly what I'm putting in my dish. 
  • Use websites like Spark People, or apps like Lose It! to find the right calorie intake for your lifestyle, height, and weight. 
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, whether they are friends or trainers in a workout DVD. Just make sure there are good vibes!
Again, feel free to contact me! I will get back to everyone as promptly as I can. I'm not used to all this buzz, so my apologies. I'm here for questions, support, motivation. Anything!

Oh, and remember...you can break down any wall that you set your mind to.


  1. i found your blog from toneitup -- you look amazing! great job and thanks for all those tips :)

  2. Just found your blog, is there a post where you discussed your stats weight before and after. I hope I can get more motivated, glad I found your blog :)

  3. that is awesome! you are truly an inspiration!


  4. You are amazing! I also found your on TIU FB page. Love your spirit & love your drive! =)

  5. I'm glad I found your blog! I'm loving it so far and cant wait to read more. :)

  6. Found your blog through the TIU page (which I just discovered yesterday!). Wat an inspirational story! I love that you focused on getting healthy and not just losing weight :-) You look absolutely amazing!

    I was wondering - is most of the running you do at a set pace and long distance, or do you do more of interval-type runs (with sprints)? Just wondering! Thanks!

  7. Can't wait to check out your boards! I always believed that a person needs to change because they want to, not because of others. That's where I am today. Almost 30 (on Monday... Tee hee), felt sad, not worth it, even humiliated... But, sometimes, u need to go down to go up!
    Keep on doing what you're doing! Xoxo :)

  8. You are awesome! Go girl! I'm on my way to looking like you with the help of the ToneItUp girls!

  9. you are adorable! i am so happy to have found your blog. you are an inspiration to many, older and younger :) congrats on your new transformation and finding a life that makes you so happy!!! xo

  10. wow - you look amazing ! seriously glowing !! what an achievement to complete such a transformation.
    what was the main foods you changed in your diet ?
    what did you do when you really wanted to eat something naughty :-)
    love your blog - found you via TIU site.....
    perhaps you can write about what you did to achive these crazy amazing results ??
    you are an inspiration .... love Caro (all the way from aussie !!) xx

  11. Hi, I´m gonna try too! Is inspiring to have you here and see that I can too!! Kisses and well done!!!!

  12. Just another voice to say congrats to how gorgeous, happy, and healthy you are now! I really respect all the personal responsibility you took to acknowledge where you had gotten, but also that you realized that you are also the one to get back to where you *did* want to be! Love to you!

  13. You just look amazing, very inspirational. I also wanted to ask did you order TIU diet plan or what did you exactly eat? And at how fast you ran and what was your pulse?

  14. Super inspirational---so much so that I started my own blog on my journey to balance everything out in my own life to enjoy as much of it as I can. Keep it up:)

  15. love it thank you x 1010108838311


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