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It's a constant struggle to just stay in the moment. I like to know what's next. I like to know what someone's thinking or feeling. There is comfort in being one step ahead rather than throwing caution to the wind. Being in the present is a simple idea, but I tend to get pulled backward and forward. It's become a habit. I dip my toes in a past memory or conversation, or I roll around what I think the future might be like. Marty McFly, darn you! You had it so easy.

I can't exactly hop in my Delorean (not that I own one) and go back in time to change a circumstance, and I can't zoom to the future to see if I'm making the right choices. This leaves me stuck with now, but I'm starting to realize the now is a pretty beautiful moment. Why not enjoy what currently brings me happiness?

The past has brought me to this point and it's the way I live that will determine what comes next. It's all about having a little faith.


  1. Thank you for this. I totally needed this today! I have been wanting to go forward into the future and find out if I have made the right decisions for so long and I am happy to know I am not the only one who wants to do that.


  2. That's true! I totally agree with you, Brianna. Thinking about the past or predicting the future will not change anything. I tend to think about the past ( sometimes I can't help it :( ) but then again, I say to myself that I should not be wasting my time thinking about things that I will NEVER be able to change. Even if I could go back to my past and change things (like not dating a jerk ), I would probably not do that coz the stronger person that I am today is the outcome of yesterday. And I wouldn't trade that for anything :)

  3. Thanks for this. I fully agree.
    WWhen i read you, i immediately fell more motivated!

  4. Another perfect post! I agree, and think you are a lot like I am in the way of having trouble just going where life takes you unaware of what is next, but I'm trying to embrace the adventure of it all the older I get...so important! :)


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