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I have raved about Stephanie from Blissbombed (here and here) and I'm back to doing it again. This time she takes on the topic of: drama. You know, the stuff you dealt with in middle school and high school. The stuff that made you want to disappear, but the only disappearing act you could pull off was hiding behind your locker door. The stuff that made you walk the halls with your head down in order to avoid eye contact. The stuff that made you stay on the phone with your best friend for hours because you were certain your world was ending.

It's funny how drama still somehow tries to latch onto you when you're in your mid-twenties. Don't let it. Wave goodbye to it. Say buh-bye to those who cause it and those who thrive off of it. Let others play around with words, rumors, and negative thinking. I say "play" because drama is child's play. 
You are a grown up.

Here is what the lovely Stephanie has to say about it...

"You know when you are about to take an amazing “next step” in your life, like start your own business, graduate from college, leave a bad relationship, plunge into a new romance, take a big project at work, go vegetarian, stand up to your mother? You know what change loves? DRAMA. Ohmygoditfeelssogood! If change can sniff out any fear in you, it will hit you with a big ol’ drama bomb. You will be all “New beginning wha??”

Drama looks like a big fight with your sister right before you’re about to have that heart-to-heart with your mom.

Drama looks like the raging flu right after you’ve given your two-week notice to start your own business.

Drama looks like your ex-boyfriend calling you, as soon as you start falling for the amazing (non-cheating, non-asshole) new guy.

Drama looks like over-exercising at the gym and popping mouthfuls of amphetamine appetite suppressants as soon as you agree to go to therapy with your spouse.

Drama looks like www.roth-IRA.com turning into www.MichaelKors.com the day you pay off all your credit cards. An hour later, you’ve got 2 grand back on your AmEx.

Drama looks like a lovely date night with your husband that ends with three glasses of red wine and Ambien because you guys have decided to try for a baby.

Drama looks like constant fighting with your sixteen year old daughter when she gets asked to the prom (you sat home for all your dances).

Drama knows your track record. Drama sounds so right and logical (the economyis bad, the new guy is sorta boring, your ass does look hot in those $200 jeans). Drama feels amazing and Drama acts like your advocate. Drama is an entertaining, sarcastic smart-ass when it needs to be, and oh-so clever. Drama is POP-u-lar!

How the heck do I know so much about drama? Oh, please. Until recently, I was the worst kind of drama queen: The nice girl who had bad shit constantly happening to her. No one could really put their finger on what the problem might be. Oh no? Another crisis? How could this be? I seemed too smart, too wise, and too shit-together for all this crap to be constantly besieging my life. If I had a nickel for every loving person who said to me “You deserve better than this, Stephanie!” I would have geysers of cold hard cash spurting out my ears.

But really? I let Drama in the door because I was afraid. I didn’t really know how to move into the next chapter of life with confidence, because my confidence was grossly under-developed. I  got my self-esteem stroked from overcoming dramatic situations. I was too scared to be truthful about my REAL feelings and REAL thoughts, so I found myself hiding out in high-drama distractions and compromises. You may be able to relate. Are you sick of drama and the exhaustion associated with it? Are you tired of being a hot mess? Really tired of it? Because no one is going to hand you a permission slip to get your act together. You’re going to have to do it yourself. As Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.” Make this your mantra, sister.

Once you’re really DONE with drama, take a deep breath and square your shoulders. You are about to become a Bad Ass Broad."
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  1. I needed this today. This is amazing advice!

  2. Loves it! :) will be following stephanie's blog now! xoxo

  3. I completely agree! I hate drama! And it always seems to be lurking around when it is most unnecessary! Thank you for introducing me to Blissbombed!


  4. I love your blog so much.You're such an inspiration,really.I started running and eating healthier,but of course with the occasional cookie or three.
    Oh,and you inspired me to create a blog!



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