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I read this the other day and it hit home for me. In a good way.

Sometimes we get settled into a lifestyle and we get comfortable with the people surrounding us. It's what we're used to. Consistency brings ease. Change brings discomfort. It's normal.

Yet, there are those times we want a change, whether it's getting a haircut or moving across the country. Maybe we want to change ourselves. Whatever it is, fear usually goes hand-in-hand. But why? I think a  lot of the time the scariest part of changing is how others will perceive us.

I say screw that.

Do what makes you happy. Do what you want. Stop doing what you don't want.

Recently I decided to change up my lifestyle a little. I stopped going out and partying. I didn't want to be the "party girl" at the age of twenty-four. Sure, they say you're only young once, but there are a hell of a lot more ways to live. I'd rather wake up remembering them.

There's more money in my pocket. Less weight on my body. I'm focused on my education and career. I found out who my drinking buddies are and who my true pals are. I grew up. In no way is this meant to be pretentious. In fact, I think I can be pretty lame sometimes. I'm a granny and I'm cool with it, and a granny can still enjoy a good ol' Blue Moon every once in a while.

The point is, you don't have to stay doing what you're doing. You can switch it up a bit. Don't be scared of what people are going to say or whether they're going to stick around. Make choices for you.


  1. I have read this before and I totally agree! Great quote! Happy Thursday love :)

  2. Congrats on your recent premeditated changes.

    I have noticed in my own group of friends we are growing apart, but I think we are just growing up... which isn't all that bad no matter how you look at it..

  3. Love this! I think everyone's experience this in some way...a friend saying "you're not the same." well too bad! Take it or leave it :)


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